Chia Seeds

In order to ensure zero damage during transit, we have adopted modern facility for meticulously packaging our offerings. And, we also ensure that the used material is of high quality. Available with us in several grades and specifications, our products stand high on the counts of quality.

Parameters Value :

  • Protein - 18 to 20 Grams
  • Dietary Fiber - 34 to 38 grams(mostly Soluble)
  • Oils - 25 to 26 grams(2gm)


Size 1.5 to 2.0 mm
Color White, Black and Brilliant Greyish Black and greenish color and exist in mixture of colors.
Content as Seed 99.9% use as seed
Moisture 4g/100 g of seed
Ash 5.2 g/100g of seed
pH 6.49
Total Acidity 0.35g Oleic Acid/100g
Saponification Index 195.71
Non-Saponification material 4.85%
Pre oxide index 4.41 mqO2/KG

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