Macadamia Nuts

Queen of nuts and seeds is the best one, with nutritional composition - 80% fat, 9.2% protein, 7.9 % sugar, 6.4% fiber, Vitamin B, calcium, Fe and phosphor, Macadiamia nuts are highly valued and very good for health. This is one of the most valuable exported products of Caltex Polymers and considerably developed in both the quality and quantity. Macadamia has high oil content, but over 80% of them are single unsaturated fat, which is very healthy and helps reduce heart disease. Eating Macadamia regularly with a balanced diet will not cause weight gain or obesity. Nutritional value sodium, calcium , phosphorous and other minerals. Nutritional value (per 100g)moisture 0.6g, fiber 2.3gh, protein 9.2g ,potassium 1.3g, carbohydrates 15.2g , fat 70.8g ,mono unsaturated fatty acids 82% ,cholesterol 0.0g


Composition : Protit 78,2% Glucose 10% Protein 9,2% Moisture 1,5 - 2,5 % (for long storage), 10% (for medium storage) Potassium 0,37% Phosphor 0,17% Magnesium 0,12% In additional, each 01kg macadamia nuts contains Can-xi 360mgr, Sulfur 66 mgr, Ferous 18 mgr, Zinc 14 mgr, Copper 3,3 mgr, and some Vitamins such as Vitamin pp 16 mgr, Vitamin B1 2,2 mgr, Vitamin B2 2,2 mgr; Vitamin E 6,4 - 18 g/kg


Origin South Africa
Moisture 10% Max
Broken 5% max
Foreign matter 0.5% max
Weight 2-3g each nut is arranged in A grade
Size 17-20+ mm, 13-17mm, 10-13mm
Package bag or vacuum bag 500g, 1kg or clients requirement - carton box

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